How A Free Challenge Can Supercharge Your Brand Awareness

Let me ask you 3 questions:

●Who are you as a business?
●How do you help people?
●Why should they buy from you?

Do people know how to answer these questions about you? If not, you may need better brand awareness.

Successful brand awareness means being known as the go to business for your products or services. Consider Google. There are other search engines out there, but Google has so dominated the space, we all use it as a verb: “Can you Google that?”

In this post we'll look at how a free challenge can supercharge your brand awareness, one of the many valuable benefits of creating a free challenge for your business.

Why Brand Awareness?

Knowledge is a powerful tool. Lack of knowledge is a hurdle every new business faces. It’s challenging to get people to buy from a business they’ve never heard of before. Here are my top 3 reasons why you need to build your brand awareness.

1. People trust you

Every business faces this obstacle at some point: people don’t know who you are, you are asking them for money, and they simply don’t know if they can trust what you’re promising. Building brand awareness means establishing a relationship before asking for money. This builds trust. And where trust grows, the likelihood of a purchase will follow.

2. People embrace you

There is great value in being known and embraced by people. Remember the example with Google? We have all embraced Google’s brand so much that we consider it the only real search engine option. Every business should get excited about being the go to business in their niche. This can’t happen without everyone knowing your name.

3. People share you

People share what they like. Word of mouth always has and always will be the most valuable marketing out there. This goes hand-in-hand with people trusting you. When fans share your name with people they trust, those people inherently trust you too.

Why Use A Free Challenge?

Okay, so brand awareness is super important. But of all the online marketing tactics available to you today, why choose to run a free challenge to build it?

A free challenge brings a perspective more unique than any other tactic out there. Here are 6 great reasons I believe a free challenge is the most effective and flexible way to build your brand awareness.

#1 Avoid Being A Salesy Weirdo

People are met with more marketing messages today than ever before. They are programmed to detect a sales pitch. And when they do, boom! The walls go up. Free challenges are a great way to keep your brand in front of your audience in a friendly way that prevents them from taking the defensive stance. Free challenges allow you to have fun with your customers while showing them you know your stuff.

#2 Increase Touch Points

Todays audiences need anywhere from 7 to 10 different contacts with your business before they make a purchase. That can seem like a lot, but with a free challenge, you can be on a customer’s mind every day. Increase the number of contacts you have with your audience, and increase the likelihood they will buy from you.

#3 Perfect For The Questioning Consumer

Free challenges are the perfect answer for someone who’s on the fence about your business. It gives them a taste of the value and experience your business offers. There are plenty of ponderers out there just hemming and hawing and waiting for something magical to happen before they commit to making a purchase with you. A free challenge allows them to dip their feet in the water without fully committing. You have an opportunity to prove to them why they should take the full plunge after the challenge is over and you've given them a win!

#4 Draw In New Audience 

Challenges make for a great first impression tool for people who have never heard of you before. They might not be willing to buy a high-ticket service package from you as a stranger, but why not sign up for a fun free challenge where they’ll learn more and solve a problem? Free challenges are great for drawing in curious new people and just like the questioning consumer, you have an opportunity to prove why they should take the plunge and work with you.

#5 Flood Of Testimonials

When done right, your challenge gives participants a real win they will happily shout from the roof tops. Collecting these testimonials is part of a fabulous challenge strategy where you gain brand awarness through word of mouth and social proof. This is especially useful if you're launching a new program or service.

#6 Marketing That Doesn't Suck

No more random acts of marketing or pointless "engagement" posts that suck your time, money, and your soul. A free challenge gives you content with a purpose, meaningful engagement that gives both you and your audience a win. When your challenge is over, you'll have high value testimonial content and a lot of great new data for more content.

Building A Fabulous Challenge

A little time and effort is needed to develop the perfect challenge for you, but once you build it, you can run it again and again! Free challenges done right are not just a one-time marketing tactic. You can run the same free challenge at a frequency of your choice, and constantly be growing your brand awareness with each new set of participants. Depending on your business and they type of challenge you run, previous participants will join again, they'll even look forward to it! How's that for brand awareness?!?!

The Challenge of ALL Challenges

Are you ready to build your brand awareness fast? My Challenge of ALL Challenges Course has you covered!

I show you how to create free challenges people actually show up for. Free challenges are a fun and exciting way for your audience to learn more about you and your business.

When you give your participants a win with your free challenge, you create a connection a simple sale could never create. A connection that builds a ride or die audience who will support and share everything you do, supercharging your brand awarness faster than any other tactic out there.

Join me for The Challenge of ALL Challenges Course and supercharge your brand awareness today!