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What Does Your Business Need  In 2023?

Audience Growth/Development








Challenge Of All Challenges

Hey there! I'm Alice Miriam, Audience Development Specialist and Event Producer. I help entrepreneurs and organizations...

Build Connection Capital creating excitement and momentum for your business and your audience.

While I do love a fabulous "event", you don't need to run traditional events to create eventful activity and achieve MORE in your business . What you need is a strategic marketing campaign that creates eventful activity for you.

Challenge Of All Challenges

What Are Eventful Activities?

Things Are Happening

People are engaged with you, responsive to you, taking action for you, clicking through, and buying from you. What's more, they are referring and sharing about you with their friends. That's eventful activity and that's Marketing Fabulous!

Why Does This Matter?

The Struggle Is Real

Engagement is a loaded term these days. On one hand, marketing that's not engaging doesn't generate leads or sales. On the other hand, engagement that doesn't lead anywhere is a useless, pointless, time, money, and soul sucking activity. I want to help you banish marketing that sucks with an eventful campaign that's not only fun, it's profitable!

How Can I Help?

The Fresh Take

By creating a results driven, strategic marketing campaign like the Challenge of ALL Challenges, where your content and activities have purpose now and later. No random acts of marketing, a real long term strategy with a repeatable plan that gets MORE of what you want for your business, suck not included!



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