Done For You Services


A virtual summit of ALL summits strategically designed and produced to meet your business goals.


Free or paid challenge of ALL challenges strategically designed to meet your business goals.


Webinars, masterclasses, and workshops strategically designed to meet your business goals.

What is Done For You?

  • Done for you is a professional service I offer to help you get things done more efficiently and effectively than DIYing it.
  • I have the knowledge and experience to create and deliver projects with the your goals, messaging, and positioning strategically layered for bigger, better results
  • Depending on the project, done for you includes project management, content, scripts, emails, funnels, landing pages, graphics, slide deck, and more.
  •  Additionally, I can help you implement and track your progress so you can acurately measure your results

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Frequently Asked Questions

Every project is different, it depends on the needs of the client. Having said that, my done for you services range from 1k for smaller projects to 20k+ for larger multi day events, I also have retainer services that start at 2k a month. Book in a chat above and we can talk about your needs and your budget.

You're here, so there's an indication you're interested and that's where it starts. It's up to you to gather the information you need to decide if this is for you. One of the ways you can do that is to book a call.

No. That's the short answer, here's the longer answer. Once done for you is done, it cannot be undone, you have the project to use whenever you choose. Speaking of using, it's up to you the client to implement what has been provided to you. I do everything possible to make sure you have the tools, resources, and guidence you need to implement.