Challenging Myself to Earn & Learn - Building a 30 Day Email Challenge

How a business strategist uses an epic challenge to demonstrate email marketing for their community to learn, experiment & earn in their own business.

The best way to get me to do anything is to challenge me. Double-dog dare me and I am in. So when Alice started talking about a 30 day challenge she had participated in and then challenged me to do one, I couldn't say no. Now something else you should know about me is that I have to always do the most. Whatever the most is, I will try to do it.

Not only will I do it so I get the best results and data from doing it, my audience gets more out of it BUT I can also use it as a teaching opportunity for the members of Create the Rules Business Accelerator, the 1:1 and community-led support system for business owners, change makers and culture creators growing and scaling their business. 

I love the idea of 30 day email list building challenges for so many reasons

  • You warm the inbox of your new audience by emailing every day and if you give them an immediate action in the email to click through, you increase your email sender score which not only helps you stay in their inbox but it helps you stay out of the junk mail folder of all your other subscribers too.
  • You quickly can establish a connection and expert authority with your audience. Anyone who sets up 30 days of knowledge and delivery, probably knows what they are talking about, right? Or they have a good copywriter on staff who can research. Either way, the effort *feels* legit and that helps establish a relationship with your audience.
  • Getting readers to click through to your blog or landing pages gives you an opportunity to re-target with ads based on where they last left off in the sequence. You can also start tagging your audience based on the topics they click through on or spend the most time engaging with. This helps you build out solid email marketing plans where some of your audience gets specific topic related content. Niche content feels more familiar so you'll develop solid readers and buyers when it feels familiar. 

Challenges are ways that your audience can implement quick wins into their life or business that gives them the validation they need to know if they want to work with you further. 

I am using this challenge to not only show a fraction of the services and work we offer in the Accelerator but also to show what is possible for business owners who want to use intentional storytelling and cross-platform communications in their marketing. I can also offer business owners an opportunity to create SEO backlinks and traffic to their own offers by engaging with my social media, my blog, my YouTube etc and they can practice pitching their work and sharing they content.

How I Plan to Market the 30 Day Challenge

Now creating the 30 days doesn't just automatically get thousands of people on your list no matter how good it is and running paid ads isn't always the best way to get it out there. 

When I engaging with folks in social media, I plan to use the individual ways to respond to people asking questions about how to grow and scale their business and encourage them to sign up and get all 30 ways.

I also plan to connect with websites and blog owners to add my 30 Ways to Make it Easy for People to Buy From You Challenge to lists of Challenge and landing page examples. I can also submit it for great Thank You for Subscribing pages and more. Basically all of the working parts of the Challenge become examples I can submit to other business sites to use my Challenge as a swipe file opportunity. I can also create Pinterest Boards around all of the 30 ways and create Top Ten Challenge lists and Landing Page articles on my own site to capture some SEO action. 

I will also use the link in our robust Affiliate program and let friends know they can drop the link whenever they see someone who might need it as well. 

It will become a pinned link on my YouTube videos for a call to action and I will reference it on my social media bios and link lists. 

It will also become a verbal call to action for videos and podcasts and I have created a QR code for in person connections and conferences I will be speaking at. 

Do we have to wait 30 Days to Sell?

Heck no. I begin showing people ways to connect and buy from me in the first email and keep building on the story to encourage people to check out my platforms and know how they can work with me. 

I am also adding an option for people to buy all 30 days right from the outset and get a special bonus with their purchase. This is great for the folks who like to binge their content and make decisions quickly. 

Want to see the challenge for yourself?

You can get started on all 30 Ways to Make it Easy for People to Buy from You right now - check out all the little learn & earn moments in each mail and on the landing pages so you can implement a similar challenge in your business.